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The Prince of Egypt (1998)

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a precise calculation.

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Peter Capaldi: 'Doctor Who ring is packed with meaning'


The Local Hero star came up with the idea of reintroducing jewellery to the Time Lord while visiting the set of Doctor Who origins movie An Adventure in Space and Time, where he met the original sci-fi icon William Hartnell’s granddaughter.

She brought along a box full of her grandfather’s Who trinkets and the ring he wore on the show caught Capaldi’s eye.

He tells TV Guide magazine, “She opened this little box of props from the original series. She showed me this fabulous ring. Later, I had a band made with a stone in it (like Hartnell’s). The stone was sent to me by a jeweller whose son wrote this little story that went with it, which was amazingly affecting.

"He said the stone represented and reminded the Doctor of all the the people he’s lost in his long life. But it wasn’t a sad thing. It was to remember how joyful times could be."

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Yuanyang rice terraces, China.

Ballet dancers waiting for their audition times. 

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Dsquared2 S/S 2015

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The Only Possible Endgame for ‘Hannibal’


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When Will finds a new dog…


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Am I the only one that finds it weird that I can transfer data from my brain to someone else’s by opening my mouth and pushing air with vibrations in their direction.

How high are you

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